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Manage your end-to-end customer orders and boost your customers' experience

Allows you to design comprehensive order delivery processes with baseline schedules and target delivery dates and at the same time manage organisational and technological complexities.

You can re-use workflows via workflow libraries and nesting methods - this helps you to create best practices and save time.

You can modify inflight orders and execute automatic rollback logic to restore the order environment. Also supports order jeopardy to indicate a critical customer service delivery. This keeps you on top of the situation all the time.

You can view and manage all orders and related activities, drilling down and providing constant visibility of order status for e.g. customer service representatives. You also have automated notifications for sales and customer care channels.

With Digital Order Manager, you get a single, low-cost hardware platform. This means both lower investment and operational costs.

You can serve multiple organisations and re-use is efficient, especially in a multi-partner ecosystem.

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